What learning order is best?

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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What learning order is best?

Post by Zhengpeng » Tue 11.15.2005 6:53 am

I did Hiragana first, then katagana and learned some simple kanji for counting and date etc. Then i studdied realy hard on the grammarpages of this website and made lots of notes for myself.
Since i'm almost done with all the study material here I was wondering what to do next. Whats the best way to build up vocabulary? And is it ok to just type japanese all the type(where you don't actually have to write the characters down) or do you have to practice on paper? Are there any free simple practicing text with translations, for learning how to read? And whats the best way to learn the speaking part of japanese without having to go to japan?
Atm, I'm just learning the romanized versions of the words so I can understand spoken language and write with the help of my computer, but I don't know if that is a good aproach. I'm also selfstudying chinese, so I hope I don't have to put much effort into learning kanji hehe.

I'll give you a big kiss if you can answer these questions ;)
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RE: What learning order is best?

Post by redfoxer » Tue 11.15.2005 10:49 am

you could always go into chat. you can chat to many japanese learners in there aswell as as pick up new vocab and grammer points you have yet learnt. as for writing kanji, i feel its always easier to practice using pen and paper since i feel you learn it faster that way. call me an old fashioned guy but pen and paper writing somehow works well from memorizing things.

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