-te form or dictionary form?

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-te form or dictionary form?

Post by Strawberry_Juice » Fri 12.09.2005 8:29 pm

Just a quick question here:

When saying something like, "I like to read books," would you say "Watashi wa hon wo yomu no ga suki desu"? And are there any alternatives to that? Someone recently told me that -te form is more correct in that form of sentence. Bah. I can't even remember what I've read lately...

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RE: -te form or dictionary form?

Post by Ongakuka » Sat 12.10.2005 9:11 am

I can't see how the "te" form could be used in this sentence. It probably can though, however I would write it: 私は本を読むことが好きです (Watashi wa hon wo yomu koto ga suki desu) which is an alternative to the phrase you suggested.

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