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Is this correct?

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RE: Is this correct?

Postby RGmex » Sun 02.12.2006 4:45 pm

AJBryant wrote:
I'm coming into this late, but...

In early language drills like this, teachers generally prefer full sentence responses to one word responses. (At any rate, it's more polite.) In other words, sentences with verbs.


OOps!! ^_^

my bad!! heh, kind of funny how once you get use to casual you kind of do not even want to use the more polite forms. ^_^

You wouldn't imagin how many times I was marked wrong for not using the

。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 からてす。

in my japanese 4 class >_<

teacher wanted that polite form in there.

thanks ^_^
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RE: Is this correct?

Postby LaughingMan » Sun 02.12.2006 4:50 pm

どもありがとございます。 You've all been so much help...but I still have a few questions x_x I'm sorry for bothering you all so much x_x

There's absolutely no need to apologize. We're all here to learn and share what we know. =)

By the way, for future reference, it's どもありがとございます(doumo arigatou gozaimasu)

Well, I made it bold from your post RGmex...why does it end in から?

I can answer this one. から is a particle that can mean things like "from; because; through" and the like, depending on the context. In your sentence どこから きましたか, it translates into "Where from did you come?" or for a more sensible English reading, "Where did you come from?" Remember that particles come after the word that they are modifying. So when you say アメリカから きました, you're saying, "I came from America."

I hope I was able to help. Good luck!

Edit: Fixed some typing errors on my part
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RE: Is this correct?

Postby RGmex » Sun 02.12.2006 4:50 pm

T_T I mean like in my spanish class, when say like do you need this? We need to answer Yes, I need that not just yes. So am I answering them 'fully?' er...I hope I didn't confuse ppl

Yah...I forgot the さい。。。。I have a habit of doing that x_x

In spanish you can answere with a simple yes or no. ^_^

but like how tony said, to be more polite and correct, and since in the first classes you have to be more polite than normal and show them that you know the grammar points. You have to answere in full grammar.

heh, but is funny, when i took Japanese 4, my teacher had a hard time getting the students unstuck out of polite mode. A lot of times, she would ask us to write an essey in casual form, and she would end up marking off a lot of people for using the polite forms. >_< It was like some of us got so use to the polite forms, that when whe tried going to the casual form we wer stuck with the polite forms. >_<
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