boku no nihongo renshuu

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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RE: boku no nihongo renshuu

Post by AJBryant » Sat 03.11.2006 1:39 pm

Yeah, please don't.


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RE: boku no nihongo renshuu

Post by Justin » Sat 03.11.2006 2:30 pm

TrilinguisT wrote:
dude, thats not cool.. i ask how is my japanese and you guys are gonna debate about what can/cannot be used --- you guys are jacked i swear..
Just as a suggestion, you might want to turn that attitude of yours down just a notch there. Seeing as where all here to help each other out, it doesn't really do much good to try and p**s off those who are taking the time to give you a helping hand just because one of you're questions went unanswered (I thought Harisenbon summed things up pretty well though).

As for you're Harisenbon said, next time try to type in kana if you can, it would make things much easier to read. Other than that, yeah, you've got some mistakes here and there as I'm sure you're still new to the language, but what you're going to have to do here is to just get out there and use things as much as you can, make mistakes, and learn from them. Let's just all show some respect for each other while we're all out here trying to learn, ok. ;)

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RE: boku no nihongo renshuu

Post by Harisenbon » Sun 03.12.2006 2:34 am

You know, I got insulted the last time I helped this guy. . .

I went through your post, noted corrections, and then other people tried to HELP YOU by making notes in my corrections and starting a discussion about what can and cannot be used in certain situations. If you plan to speak Japanese at some point, you will need that information, otherwise you will have to re-learn it again after bad habits have been formed in your head.

As for your Japanese, it is stilted and full of typos. It is the work of someone just starting the language, and for you to go and talk down to people who have studied much longer than you, and who are trying to help you is completely rude and uncalled for. I wish you luck in your Japanese studies, but you will not receive anymore help from me. Being insulted two times for helping you is two times too many.

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RE: boku no nihongo renshuu

Post by Zap » Fri 03.24.2006 9:19 am

Just a side note, in your sig you write "Konnichi wa, Ogenki desu ka" and translate it to "Hello, how are you doing?" Something in my mind, which is still at n00b-level tells me that the correct translation is "Hello, are you doing well?"

But if I'm wrong, feel free to spank my back with spaghetti... :)
Watashi wa nihongo ni yowai... :D

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