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RE: 絶対におかしい

Postby keatonatron » Thu 03.23.2006 11:53 am

Justin wrote:
If you put furigana on all the words you don’t know before you take the time to study them, I find that it tends to make people a little lazy as they’re drawn more towards the furigana when reading, rather than just trying to read the kanji itself.

I thought the same thing, and so I didn't write any furigana in my book, just tried to remember the kanji. However, my teacher told us to write furigana for any kanji we didn't know, so I tried it and surprisingly it did help me learn! Maybe I'm just good at looking at the kanji first. I guess if you write the furigana small enough so it takes some work to read it, that would work good. If you don't know the kanji well enough to remember the readingwithin a second or two, then you can go ahead and look at the furigana because you probably won't remember no matter how long you stare at it... and if you go over it enough times, you'll learn the kanji.

At least that worked for me...

Just so you know, I'm not offended at all by your use of 俺. However, that's only because I'm not Japanese. It's like saying the F-word to a Japanese person... even if they know the meaning, they don't really feel its effect.

Anyway, one thing strange I noticed about my language school is that although they teach how you're supposed to talk to your teachers and people you don't know well, they don't enforce it at all! I was so surprised to hear students talking to their teachers using the informal form. I just commented on your use of 俺 so you would realize and perhaps practice speaking formally, which is normal when addressing a group.

And, of course, if you really do use 俺 when talking to people you don't know, you should definately work on that... Even if you use it with Japanese friends, if it doesn't really fit your personality type/position in the relationship, it could kinda rub them the wrong way.

I started reading a manga that had lots of yakuza-style talking in it, and so I started to say 俺 without really realizing it. All my friends said "Ug, that totally doesn't sound like you! I don't like it when you use 俺, it just doesn't fit." Lucky for me, my friends actually said something instead of just pushing me away B)
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RE: 絶対におかしい

Postby CajunCoder » Thu 03.23.2006 3:00 pm

Actually, I think most students of are far over paranoid about 俺. I even read somewhere that it can be used in such semi-formal situations as talking to people you don't nessicarily know, but want to be friendly around and are on the same "level" as (Do note, I read that in japanese, so I may have misunderstood something :P).

Using 私 In such context however, would sound either very odd/stiff, or as if he is a girl. I think casual speach is not practiced enough... But anyway, I'm sticking with 僕 For the most part, until I really get to understand how to use 俺、 And even then I may stick with 僕 Anyway...

とにかく、マイルズ「−さん?」の日本語は、すごく上手だよね! いつから勉強してるの?
だれか、日本語で話すのはうれしいですね。 日本語で練習するのは、もっとするほうがいいと思う。
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RE: 絶対におかしい

Postby TrilinguisT » Thu 03.23.2006 9:18 pm

richvh wrote:
俺 is normal for your age people to use with their in-group; we're your outgroup, so you should be a little more respectful.

that was why i asked you for your age, and all those other questions, maizuru sama ;)-

i did read you post --
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RE: 絶対におかしい

Postby mairuzu » Thu 03.23.2006 10:42 pm

As for the 俺を使う問題 yeah that was my mistake to use it, in a real situation of course i wouldnt use it unless i was real close with the person, 例えば、I really have only one american friend here in houston, and i only know him through his wife, who is japanese. and all my other friends are japanese. My girlfriend has many friends, we even play tennis with the vice council of the houston japanese consulate, who over the last 7 months has become a good friend. anyways, i admit i have gotten in the habit of using 俺、just because all my guy friends use it, and even my young very goofy japanese tutor said it ok to use amongst friends and with my girlfriend. Most of them dont mind at all, ive even asked them about it. I also used mixi, if anyone knows what that is? a great way to practice reading and writing. bad thing is you have to be invited. its like a japanese myspace. If anyone wants me to invite them i would be more than pleased!!! just let me know.

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