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Trying to learn Japanese

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Trying to learn Japanese

Postby Ruizu » Tue 03.21.2006 2:35 pm

Hi, can anyone give me some advise on learning japanese, wheres the best sites, any recomendations. Anything would be use ful, at the moment I can only say

watashino namaewa ruizu desu.
anata wa

so i could really do with some help.
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RE: Trying to learn Japanese

Postby richvh » Tue 03.21.2006 2:37 pm

This site is one of the best, another good one is Tae Kim's grammar guide.
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RE: Trying to learn Japanese

Postby mechakucha » Tue 03.21.2006 2:44 pm

Try this site: Japanese Pod Click Here

The site lessons comes with Audio Tracks, Vocab List.
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