Someone vs. だれ

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Re: RE: Someone vs. だれ

Post by AJBryant » Sun 03.23.2008 2:14 pm

spin13 wrote:
AJBryant wrote:It occurs to me that "onaka" is about the only part you have that by default gets the honorary "o-" stuck in front of it. Peculiar, no?
I think you're forgetting お尻, one of the two reasons why so many more western women appear in Japan's lingerie ads.

Holy crap, you're right. I feel like an ass. :wink:

You know, I think this one may be because I use "naka" for all sorts of things, so the *o*naka sticks out, but I can't think of a time I've used "shiri" when it wasn't as "*o*shiri. Hm.


(Well, of course there is the mother-speak "ochinchin" but...)


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