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Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese


Postby dokodokodragon » Fri 06.30.2006 11:05 am




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RE: practice

Postby paul_b » Fri 06.30.2006 11:12 am

dokodokodragon wrote:

にょ nyo -> んよ n'yo or nnyo

[Edit]Ack. It was が_き_. All hiragana is a pain (especially when it's too darn hot.[/Edit]


さn san -> さん san' or sann

おにいさん's don't use わたし, おねえさん's use わたし.


Should probably be は not わ and I've no idea what "おやびて" is.
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RE: practice

Postby dokodokodragon » Fri 06.30.2006 11:26 am

そのがきみちゃいけませにょ = You're not allowed to see this kid/brat

わたしはせかいでいちばんやさひいおにいさん = You're the kindest brother in the world.

あなたおやびてわいけません = (I can't remember what this was X-x)

Bah. I can't translate for crap. XP

Edit: BTW, I used this site for some of the stuff:
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RE: practice

Postby hungryhotei » Fri 06.30.2006 3:40 pm

All of Pauls corrections were valid. You still wrote にょ not んよ
Also やさひい →  やさしい
The second sentance says "I am" not "You are"
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RE: practice

Postby two_heads_talking » Fri 06.30.2006 4:27 pm

it could just be familiarizing yourself with what keys do what in kanji or kana.. i am sure it's a learning mistake..
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RE: practice

Postby ochi » Wed 07.26.2006 3:05 am

i couldn read some of the hiragana in the first line. could u tell me what they are?
sono ? kimichaikemasenyo
watashi wa sekai ? ichi ban yasahi iionisa n
anata o yahite waikemasen
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RE: practice

Postby kidzu-kidzu » Mon 08.21.2006 11:51 am

*listening to music...上から下へ隙間なくー色とりどりAny type of shoes。。。そろって足踏み鳴らすルール; 手をとりはにならFeel so Good! この手のレースなら勝負あり; エントリしないなら - *

Kidzu-san: Shake yo BODY!!!

Sensei: Kidzu-san! Turn that music off, stop that ridiculous dancing and PAY ATTENTION!!!

Kidzu-san: *alarmed* Ra! *fumbles with iPod*

Sensei: Romanize these lines! *points at dokodokodragon's quote*

dokodokodragon wrote:



Kidzu-san: Umm..."Sono ga kimicha ikemasenyo"- uhhh..."Watashi wa sekai de ichiban ya - sa - hii? onii sa(n)?

Sensei: Yes, continue...

Kidzu-san: Hmm..."Anata o yabite waikemasen, dot, dot, dot!" :D

Sensei: Tensaoora... :|

Kidzu-san: Huh!?!?!
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