Did i right this write? :p

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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Did i right this write? :p

Post by nick-san » Thu 08.24.2006 11:18 am

私わ 日本語が わかりま

^^Is that written right?^^

I usually get messed up when i have to choose between hiragana and kanji. I'm not sure if i should have used hiragana or kanji in different places. Thanks

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RE: Did i right this write? :p

Post by richvh » Thu 08.24.2006 11:20 am

Not quite.
私は日本語がわかります。(Or 分かります for the last bit.)
Richard VanHouten

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RE: Did i right this write? :p

Post by Ongakuka » Thu 08.24.2006 11:37 am


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