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Study Group: Lesson 7

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese

Study Group: Lesson 7

Postby am_bee » Mon 05.02.2005 12:36 pm

Welcome to lesson 7! One final reminder about the change in joing proceedures: go to the study group website (http://geocities.com/thejapanesestudygroup/index.html) and from there you can look around, check out the lessons and the exercises, and sign up if you'd like.
Also, a reminder that all old lessons (1-6) are now on the archive page. So if you go to look for one of the old ones from before the review lesson, it will be there, not on the lesson page.

This week's practice excercise is to choose any day and give a general run down of what you do and when you do it. We'll get into the particles から and まで in the next lesson so don't worry about making full, grammarically correct sentenses. This is just practice with days of the week and time.

So, here's mine:
ごぜん はちじ はん − ひる: しごと (work)
ごご いちじ − よんじ よんじゅうごふん: だいがく
ごご はちじ − じゅうじ: computer work

Hmm, I have a pretty boring schedule on Thursday, huh? :|
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RE: Study Group: Lesson 7

Postby Darkslime » Wed 05.04.2005 7:39 pm



ごぜん ろくじ: さめる (wake up)
ごぜん しちじ - ごご いちじ はん: がっこう
にじ - よじ: テニス
くじ はん:ねる (go to bed)

How often do you have to use 'gozen' and 'gogo'? Is it implied after the first time? Just wondering ^_^
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RE: Study Group: Lesson 7

Postby am_bee » Sat 05.07.2005 10:38 am

i think it's about the same as AM and PM are used. if the time could be either in the afternoon or morning with reason, you shoudl specify. for example: "I'm meeting Tom at 8:00." With that, you could need to specify. But if it's understood from the conversation, it could be left out. Ex: "I'm having dinner with my parents, then I'm meeting Tom at 8:00." That gives context.
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