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Postby Gogs » Thu 11.16.2006 4:26 pm


Could you tell me if this is right (I'm a noob :D)? I'm trying to say I come from London:


not 100% certain how to do London and I see it's missed the L. Should I also have a は in there after London? ie:



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RE: ォンドンカラデスカ

Postby richvh » Thu 11.16.2006 4:33 pm

ロンドンからです is what you're looking for. ロンドンからですか is asking if you're from London.
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RE: ォンドンカラデスカ

Postby tanuki » Thu 11.16.2006 7:18 pm

Gogs, "l" in the IME is used for typing "little" kana.

l + a = ぁ (little あ)
l + t + s + u = っ (little つ)



It should be あがとう. :)
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RE: ォンドンカラデスカ

Postby datdo » Thu 11.16.2006 8:29 pm

tanuki wrote:

It should be あがとう. :)

...maybe he has one of those english accents that I hear so much about.
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RE: ォンドンカラデスカ

Postby Mr Hensha » Thu 11.16.2006 8:36 pm

yeah, just type "r" for "l". Rondon. がんばってね〜

Oh, and don't use katakana for writing it. Do you know the differences between the writing systems? Hiragana, Katakana?
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RE: ォンドンカラデスカ

Postby seiryuu » Thu 11.16.2006 10:39 pm

Hiragana= original Japanese script
Katakana= script for borrowed words

Hiragana looks more curvy while katakana (the one you're using) is more straight.
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RE: ォンドンカラデスカ

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Thu 11.16.2006 11:11 pm

What do you mean by "original Japanese script"? My impression was always that katakana came before hiragana although to some extent this depends on how you define "hiragana", and I don't think the dates are completely certain. But this is probably beyond the scope of this thread.
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RE: ォンドンカラデスカ

Postby seiryuu » Fri 11.17.2006 9:11 pm

I guess you're right.

I should've said

Hiragana: Script for non-loan words
Katakana: Script for loan words.
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