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RE: 日本語の練習

Postby hungryhotei » Sat 11.18.2006 7:58 am

I heard that it was from はじめましてお目にかかります。
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RE: 日本語の練習

Postby Oracle » Sat 11.18.2006 8:21 am

Jim wrote:
your first sentence has おねがいします at the end of it, I dont understand why? I thought おねがい meant "Please". ?

Hi Jim, your instincts are right: The おねがいします shouldn't be there. When meeting someone for the first time you use (どうぞ)よろしくおねがいします, which Kisshu has already done with the abbreviated どうぞよろしく.

おねがいします (without よろしく ) is used when asking a favour or request of someone, or as a response when someone offers to do something for you (ie. A: 本を探してきます。お待ちください B: お願いします)

In this case, the speaker isn't asking anyone to do anything, so it's not necessary to include it.
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