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Rolling your R and L.

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RE: Rolling your R and L.

Postby Kisshu » Sun 09.16.2007 2:02 am

Harisenbon wrote:
Kisshu wrote:
Listen to a lot of music.. that is what I did. XD Then I would memorize lyrics... soon, I kinda picked it up. XD

5 months is kind of a stretch for responding to a post, no? :D

Whoops.. forgot to look at the date... well hey.. um.. better late than never?
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RE: Rolling your R and L.

Postby Kagemaru » Sun 09.16.2007 9:23 am

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RE: Rolling your R and L.

Postby Shirasagi » Sun 09.16.2007 11:30 am

I believe that's ミナミの帝王.

But for some good "r" rolling, I personally enjoyed the first 岸和田少年愚連隊. Not that watching anything actually helps you improve ラ行 pronunciation...
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