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Postby Sumi » Sat 05.05.2007 8:24 pm

Hello, hello to all! It's been awhile since I've been here! Anywho, after graduation, I'm attending a Japanese language school, then applying to a music school. This might be wierd, but I want to become a artist in Japan. I admire BoA and whatnot, but I feel somewhat discouraged about this goal.

Has anyone else wanted to do something close to this?
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RE: 外国人タレントなんだ。

Postby sgerdan » Sat 05.05.2007 9:45 pm

ganbatte kudasai ;)
as for question ,no.
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RE: 外国人タレントなんだ。

Postby prep_girl_Nessa » Sat 05.05.2007 9:55 pm

It's kinda like that dream I wouldn't never actually go after. I'd actually much rather be a star in Japan than America. It seems to me that the fans care more, and Americans stars seem to only be able to have fun when completely plastered drunk. I don't drink ^_^''

Although, Koreans seem to have the most fun. They just act cute 24/7, on TV and everything. If I were to ever chase a dream like that, I'd go for Korea (But then I'd have to learn Korean, and learn to dance, neither of which I would need in Japan xD)

Go for it! I believe people can accomplish anything they set out to do! Make sure to have fun along the way ^_^
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