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why? why? why? this evil

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why? why? why? this evil

Postby JustinTimberlake » Tue 08.07.2007 11:08 pm

why do people living in Japan..............
you know.....
and speaking............
of course japanese you know........
I see they like to write
but second one looks more beautiful!
and is better to write!
I don't like writting this crazy hiragana with this supid little "tsu"......
hiragana in here look not friednly......
i would vote to ban writting in this way because in kanji is more easy and more nice.....
so why den't (they don't) write in this way?
I think this is evil big evil and our planet needs Power Ranchers who will save our filthy souls!!!!

tell me da thuth.......
am I at least funny???

or stupid???

I am cool....

please say that i am.... :(
今日は 皆さんよ 波蘭人だよ 日本語を勉強しますよ
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby Infidel » Tue 08.07.2007 11:19 pm

Could you please write in a manner that encourages people to read your post, and answer it. 5 lines was about all I could handle before I gave up.
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Tue 08.07.2007 11:27 pm

He's a troll.
-Chris Kern
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Yudan Taiteki
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby stevie » Tue 08.07.2007 11:35 pm

Oh my days, I thought I was safe from such stuff here too!

Oh well, might as well try to salvage something - I am not sure I've ever seen 一寸 in place of ちょっと before - I guess it's not so common? Though to be fair I wouldn't have recognised it if I did see it written that way. Is it just one of those things that's almost always written in hiragana?
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby SenescenceReign » Tue 08.07.2007 11:41 pm

I love it when people judge another language that they are not experts on. It just makes my day.
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby clay » Tue 08.07.2007 11:48 pm

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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby UpHand » Wed 08.08.2007 12:49 am

Obvious troll is obvious.
Also, before trolling in any language, it's customary to first master it.
Igiari! Because there's a contradiction in every internet statement.
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby richvh » Wed 08.08.2007 1:13 am

Tony asked for him to justify his presence here last time - so he's used up his chances. Banned and locked.
Richard VanHouten
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby AJBryant » Wed 08.08.2007 1:31 am

I *had* been thinking about being merciful. You beat me to it, Rich.

Good job.

Last edited by AJBryant on Wed 08.08.2007 1:32 am, edited 1 time in total.
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby Infidel » Wed 08.08.2007 3:44 am

Yudan Taiteki wrote:
He's a troll.

My bad, I shouldn't have responded.


---actually, I just wanted an excuse to use this pic....P)
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RE: why? why? why? this evil

Postby ss » Wed 08.08.2007 4:51 am

JustinTimberlake へ

Indeed, why? Why? Why? This evil?
You do realise that no one is amused by your behaviour, don’t you?
Do you actually enjoy being banned? Why don’t you choose a different path that will lead you to a more welcoming member here?

Go put a rubber band on your wrist, each time you want to behave eccentrically pull the rubber band and let go. The sting you feel will remind you to behave. Repeat it until you no longer need the rubber band.

Without a good attitude, you will be nowhere. Apologise to anyone you have been rude to. In no time people will begin to notice the change in you and their attitude towards you will undergo a corresponding change as well.

Your posts to me indicate a real desire to change. Being banned several times, I hope you have learned something from the incidents.
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