Can someone proofread my midterm essay

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RE: Can someone proofread my midterm essay

Post by kilometers » Thu 10.25.2007 6:40 pm

Kisshu wrote:
Ongakuka wrote:
get a better grade.
Chiefly, I would presume that to get a decent grade you ought to focus on making your sentences flow more, but perhaps that aspect has not yet been covered in your course.
You prove later on that you know your number Kanji. Why not use them here?
That might sound better as "nihongo ga chotto dekimasu" or even better "nihongo ga chotto hanasemasu"

In general everything seems Ok, there are just too many full stops (or marus) ;)
You don't learn "dekimasu' until like the 13th lesson in Genki... so they haven't learned it yet. Actually, the number kanji is the only kanji they have learned at this point. and maybe "ji" or something (I'm on a school computer so I can't type in Japanese...)
That's right. We learned 1-10, 100, 1000, 10,000, en, and ji. And yeah, we haven't learned dekimasu or done much with "ga" as of yet. So I didn't change that sentence in the essay. I kept it the way I was taught so far.

I didn't expect everyone to know what was taught up to lesson 3 in genki, I just mentioned it for those who have studied out of this book in the past. As for Genki itself, I really like the way they teach in it. Forcing us to know katakana and hiragana by lesson 3 is a good thing. And it never feels overwhelming, though looking at the calandar in lesson 4 scares me a bit, especially since the days of the month are different from the way the numbers are usually said.

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