Hajime No Ippo manga

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Hajime No Ippo manga

Post by Kenitai » Sun 11.16.2008 6:47 am

Any HnI fans around here? For those who don't know the series, it's outstandingly awesome. Although it's a sports manga, the pranks and jokes in it are simply amazing in my opinion, aside from the boxing events. It's basicly a boxing manga.
I don't believe there's any English volume prints of it, so I'm basicly ready it online myself. I've got a Japanese copy of volume 71 (or so) myself. Contains furigana so it's still readable for one who is a high beginner in Japanese.
It's also one of the longest running manga's up to this date! (up to 70+ volumes started since late 80's)

I'm not sure if posting a link to the mangaviewer is allowed, since I don't know if it's seen as illigal, so I'll refrain myself from doing that.
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