Bleach or naruto live action movie

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Bleach or naruto live action movie

Post by kentaku_sama » Thu 02.11.2010 5:07 pm

I think a bleach or naruto-Shippuuden live action would be awesome!! Bleach seems more possible to me than naruto though. Since I'm an artist I can imagine both as something awesome after seeing the death note trilogy which I thought was awesome!! :D What's your opinion?
Except one thing would make it horrible: THE MOVIE WOULD HAVE TO BE ORIGINALY JAPANESE
not american because I saw what americans did with dragonball! (Shivers ) :(

Can you imagine sasuke vs Itachi in live action? With perfect japanese actors and awesome special effects and realistic costumes? I mean have you seen the Avatar the last airbender live action trailer, that looks awesome in my opinion!

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