Worst Dub Voice?

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Shinigami » Thu 09.20.2007 4:42 pm

Naruto's voice in the dub is terrible - it's all high pitched and Americanized and nerdy. Whereas in the Japanese, it's really quite awesome, and just generally gives him so much more credibility.
Kakashi's name has been particuarly butchered.
That is totally true. It sounds so nice in the original, but the dub says kaKAHHHHshi, it completely puts the stress in the wrong place, it's awful.
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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by burstandbloom » Thu 09.20.2007 7:35 pm

Infidel wrote:
Sorry, You are ALL WRONG.

The worst Dubs are all Hentai. Especially the ones that say on the cover, "With the voices of Real American Porn actors." They don't even try!

I Win!
Haha, you do. Infidel you're so right.
Try this one on for size. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrwSwOA7XQY
(don't worry nothing graphic)
Joe Queens rulz.

Anyway, other than that watching Ichi the Killer dubbed is always fun because tough little yakuzas with deep british accents is incredible.

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Hiroshi » Fri 09.21.2007 5:11 pm

I guess this is kinda off topic, but I recently watched Samurai X:Trust and Betrayal and was amazed at the dubbing. While the dubbing wasn't as good as the Japanese version, it actually was comparable. I was surprised that an anime with so much Japanese terminology could be dubbed so well and incorporate cultural Japanese nuases. The animation and music were absolutely stunning by the way. Highly recommend it.

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Cone » Mon 10.22.2007 1:48 am

Shidonii Hirohara wrote:
whenever i watch an anime in japanese for a long time, then find it in english...english voices suck... :|
See, that's just it. After studying psychology and neuroscience for so long, and after listening to people complain about dubbing for so long, you eventually realize that humans are much more wired for noticing differences in stimuli than their independent qualities. And here it's no different. Seems like whatever you watch an anime in first, either Japanese or English or whatever, that's what you like, and other dubs must try to match that exactly (which is impossible) or else it sucks. Case in point: I like the English dubs for many animes, even Naruto, and I love the dub for Abenobashi. But I started watching most animes I've seen in English first on TV. When I started watching Inuyasha in Japanese, for example, I found Inuyasha's voice lacking. And so on.

Actually, when I started watching Naruto in Japanese, he reminded me of that German kid who was screaming at his computer game in that one popular video. うるさいと思います。

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RE: Worst Dub Voice?

Post by Deidara-kun » Thu 10.25.2007 12:07 pm

The person who dubs as Bobobo.He needs ALOT of help. :@
But whose to say he's getting many for his ridiculous acting
It's your life........Deidara just controls it...

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