best manga for beginners?

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best manga for beginners?

Post by taylorpelto » Mon 10.17.2005 9:40 pm

Hi! I have been trying to find some children's manga for a while now, but no luck. Does anyone know of some japanese manga that is geared toward a younger audiance? I am at a lower level of japanese "understanding" , so Its really hard for me to get anything other than the basic gyst of regular manga. I would really love to find some that I could actually understand!

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RE: best manga for beginners?

Post by Kates » Tue 10.18.2005 7:22 am

Children's manga is about the worst thing for Japanese beginners, to be honest. ^^; Manga like, say, "Doraemon" for instance, are full of casual and slang speech that you might not study for another 2 years.

I would suggest looking for manga that is set in a modern era ("Naruto" and "Inuyasha" would be hard because they sometimes use archaic words and grammar). But keep in mind that men and women (especially in manga) have different slang that they use. Even a comic like "Prince of Tennis" (which is just about a bunch of really hot guys that play tennis) could be tricky because they probably use a lot of casual language and slang.

But really, I think the best advice is to find a story you REALLY like--that way, you'll always be motivated to read more. (: Look for shounen or shoujo stuff (young boys/girls - respectively)--and maybe one that's even published in English, so you could help yourself understand.

If you have questions about anything you'd read, you'd be welcome to ask here, of course. ^_^ I've been studying for about 4 years and am currently reading "Kekkaishi" (from the magazine "Shounen Sunday") and still have to ask a Japanese friend for help sometimes. ^^;

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