Japanese manga online (no scans)

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Japanese manga online (no scans)

Post by mangaget » Sun 10.21.2012 10:46 pm

Hi guys,

I am Rene, a 27year old Austrian working in Tokyo for a manga publishing and reading
platform called "MangaGet".

We have over 4000 Japanese manga from indie artists or dojinshi circles on our site that
are free to read (registering is free as well, but manga can be read without registration too)
and I thought I share our platform with you, as constant reading is important for Japanese
learning as well and I am sure many of you are interested in manga too. ^-^

We have no scanlations or anything like that on our site and we are cooperating with major
Japanese publishers, so sometimes manga that become very popular on our site get
published as books or drama CDs as well. (one has even made it to become an anime)

Here are some manga on our site that are pretty well done and nice to read, feel free
to browse and check our site if you like. ^^

HARD LUCK (Shonen, Fantasy)

Dragon Breaker (Shonen, Fantasy)

Hitokomi (Shojo)

Machi no Yu (Comedy, 4-koma)

Honegui Hito (Shonen, Fantasy)

Cheers, ^^


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