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movies and Japanese manga

Post by komugi » Sun 01.06.2013 4:42 pm

I found it both amusing, and at times fascinating, at the amount of movie material showing up in one of the manga series I enjoy ... Dance in the Vampire Bund

I'm not a huge fan of vampire movies, and almost never watch a werewolf movie ... (I have not wasted a single penny going to see any of the idiocy known as "Twilight" ... and the "Blade" series were nothing more than video of a really lame White Wolf LARP {I watched parts of the first two})

That is part of why I was both surprised and amused when I saw material from "Queen of the Damned" and from the "Underworld" series, show up in the Dance in the Vampire Bund books

since I dont know how long the time delays are for manga chapters to finally make it into print after they are drawn, and then get translated into English and put in print as English editions ... and what the lead time is from when a script is written until it is finally made into a movie and shows up in the theatres
... it would be interesting to see who had the ideas first

in vol 12 ch 70 - v13 ch 71 of the manga ... the whole story arc wrapped around the "cradle" hidden under Rozenmann's castle in the Amazon ... is very similar to the whole sequence of scenes involving Lestat when he is at the castle on Marius' island for the first time, at the beginning of Queen of the Damned ... when Lestat goes exploring Marius' castle and finds the underground temple complex that holds the King and Queen of all vampires ... including an interaction between a main character and the Queen, who in Queen of the Damned shows up later in the story, and the possibility of the Queen showing up later in Dance in the Vampire Bund since an effort was made to wake her and it was not clear if she was destroyed when the pyramid collapses .........

and tying in with that is Akira letting Mina suck his blood to save her life v12 ch 69, even though he probably knows it will kill him even if she doesnt completely drain him ... that is almost a copy of the idea brought up in Underworld part 2 in the discussions among Lucien and other lycans about how the blood of vampire and lycan destroys each other, but there are rumors that pure original types can do it and become a hybrid ... even the back story given in Dance is similar ... that it was originally possible for the two to combine in rare cases but that the hybrids were always feared by both
... then Akira "comes back" in ch 71 as a more powerful werewolf ... and in ch 72 when the Elders hear what happened and they find out that Akira had a change, they were not really surprised, but pleased instead ... as if they knew that something like that would happen ... the similarities between that, and the storyline presented in Underworld with Selene biting Michael in order to save his life and he morphs into a very powerful hybrid, are kind of hard to ignore or deny

further similarities with Underworld is the sub-arc in ch 73-75 ... about the spread of vampirism through the common people in an urban area and how the govt deals with it ... the police "hunting" squads, and the way the public reacts and deals with it, the lynch mob mentality ... are very similar to what is shown in Underworld: Awakening

I'm wondering if anyone else noticed this ?

and has anyone noticed any close comparisons like this with any other manga series and movies ?

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Re: movies and Japanese manga

Post by pauro03 » Thu 04.25.2013 5:54 pm

I've haven't watched this one. Was it good? Anyways, I prefer watching movie over reading manga. xD Moving people is kind of amusing to me more than reading and looking on pictures。。パウロです、宜しく!:)
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