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first anime you have watched

Anything relating to Anime or Manga - what's new, what you like, etc...

RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Tarento7386 » Thu 09.07.2006 7:17 pm

I don't remember, but I remember my first subbed anime I've watched. Initial D: First Stage.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby whiteshep » Sat 09.23.2006 9:17 am

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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby datdo » Sun 09.24.2006 1:31 am

tenchi series -> pokemon -> digimon -> dragonball series -> Neon Genesis Evangelion *epiphany occurs and realizes that all these shows were anime and anime=good*
and thats my life story in anime.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby maboroshi638 » Thu 12.21.2006 8:57 am

The first Anime I ever watched was Pokemon. :o
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby stunningblue06 » Wed 01.03.2007 2:47 am

i can't remember whether its sailormoon, dragon ball, ranma 1/2 or super boink.......
but those are the very first anime i saw. :)
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RE: Teknoman!

Postby Nuro » Wed 01.03.2007 9:04 am

My first was Teknoman, and Sailor Moon shortly after that, they were both on TV here. (Cheez TV for any Australians who know it. =P)

I actually hated Teknoman at first, I ignored it. As I got older I started to realise it had some really cool stuff in it and regretted not watching it more.

Anyway, now I'm a huge Anime fan as I'm sure many other members of this site are too.

Here's a pic from it: http://longddong331.tripod.com/teknoman.jpg
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Kagemaru » Wed 01.03.2007 9:09 am

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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Kisshu » Wed 01.03.2007 12:18 pm

Hah... definately Sailor Moon when I was like five >.<
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby neo2407 » Wed 01.03.2007 10:02 pm

Well like most people my age, my first anime was Pokemon.
Then either Digimon or Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing (if anyone knows where I can buy a Gundam Wing DVD box set online PLEASE tell me! I loved it! Doesn't matter if it's American, the joy of a Region Free DVD player :D), Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo!, Shaman King... and I'll stop there...this could go on for a while lol.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Shikono » Wed 01.03.2007 10:59 pm

It's pokemon, then digimon, then yu-gi-oh, then inuyasha. lol.

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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Styledatol » Thu 01.04.2007 8:47 pm

God... I feel sorry for some people here, getting scarred so early in their lives by horrible animations.
The first one I ever saw was Captain Future. It was 15 years ago and I had to watch it on black and white TV. But man, this anime owned.
I mean, the good guys were tough men who could do anything. They weren't those 13 years old kids who have annoying voices and the ability to go from 0 to super angry in a matter of seconds.
Captain Future and his team were quite realistic characters and knew what they're doing, and no matter what happened they always looked cool.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby minorinhu » Fri 01.05.2007 9:57 am

Hm.. I guess it was the old series of Doraemon.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Ino » Tue 01.09.2007 7:43 pm

Ha!! My first anime was DIGIMON!!! Yeah!! That show rocks!!!! My favorites were Matt, Ken, and Rika!!! (I only watched up to season 3...)
Oh by the way, i really like the FY pic. Watase is my favorite!!
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby angstycoder » Tue 01.09.2007 8:10 pm

Ghost in the Shell is the first I remember watching.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Postby Blizzard_Kei » Fri 01.19.2007 1:27 pm

Doraemon, I guess. But the first anime that I really pay attention to ( I mean I really can't miss it) was Kung Fu Boy when I was 7 or 8
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