What's your favourite anime?

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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by kawaiicat » Tue 03.20.2007 7:49 pm

noisyturtle wrote:
I like alot of animes but the only ones that I liked all of the way through were
Azumanga Daioh
ya, i must agree! azumanga daioh is on my top 5! :D

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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by kyashi » Tue 03.20.2007 9:08 pm

lets see.

azumanga daioh
moon phase
mew mew power {manga better}
hana kimi
girl got game
pardise kiss
immortal rain
final fantasy

most of these r mangas ... oops. ^

trinity blood

there r alot more but i only can think of these.

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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Obsessed_Saru » Tue 03.20.2007 9:16 pm

I gotta stop watching so much anime...it's one thing if only some of them sound exceedingly familar, but a whole other ordeal when I've seen at leastl 95% of the afore animes mentioned... :o And I thought I wasn't that much of an anime junkie... :|

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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Jba » Wed 03.21.2007 4:12 pm

Eureka seven and fullmetal alchemist are my favourite animes :D
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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Nidobolt » Sun 03.25.2007 9:47 pm

There's way too many to name. I like too many =(
Key favorites: (I could watch it again anytime)
-Trigun - Must be english dubbed. If you're really good with Japanese, I guess it doesn't have to be. This one is funny and great.
-Shakugan no Shana - Hope there's another season... they left a lot unanswered. I love the characters.
-School Rumble 1 + 2 (maybe) - This one needs another season too. It can be really funny. I can't help escape the feeling that there's "filler episodes"

Good ones I also liked: Black Cat, Love Hina, Elfen Lied

Long ones I like: Bleach, Naruto

There are others. If I kept going, the list wouldn't stop =(
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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by SirFirestorm » Mon 03.26.2007 12:12 am

Air, Beck, Berserk, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Gungrave, Full Metal Alchemist, Scrapped Princess, Elfen Lied, Genshiken, Welcome to the NHK, Ghost in the shell: SAC, FLCL, Gunslinger Girl, Initial D, Love Hina, Chobits, Fruits Basket, Otogi Zoushi, Rurouni Kenshin, Paradise Kiss, Samurai 7, Speed Grapher, Trinity Blood, Nadesico, Vandread, X , Yakitate Japan.

Well its more of a list of good ones i would recommend, cant say all of them are my favorites.

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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by lastlife » Sun 04.01.2007 3:52 pm


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RE: What's your favourite anime?

Post by night_knight » Fri 04.27.2007 7:21 am

Ouran High School Host Club
Full Metal Alchemist
Death Note
Black Cat
Detective Conan [for god's sake!]
Tantei Gakuen Q [im into detective stuff]

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by hellfirebg » Fri 03.07.2008 6:20 am

I haven't watched that many, but my favorites are:
*Fullmetal Alchemist
*Death Note
*Samurai 7
*Princess Mononke

Never could get into Naruto, but I'd love to start watching Bleach.

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Yoshito » Fri 03.07.2008 11:24 am

I don't know what my TOP favorite is, so here is a list of some of the anime I love:

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Nya » Fri 03.07.2008 1:03 pm

Hmmm, I love:
Pet Shop of Horrors (Only 4 episodes but good!)
Fruits Basket
D N Angel (Liked the manga more better)
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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Camui_ » Mon 03.17.2008 9:35 pm

My all-time favorite anime is Rurouni Kenshin, but I have many other favorites.

Here is a list (they are in no particular order):

Rurouni Kenshin
Death Note
Samurai 7
Tokyo Underground
Ouran High School Host Club
Love Hina
Fushigi Yuugi
Ayashi no Ceres
Card Captor Sakura
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by suko » Tue 03.18.2008 2:50 pm

I only started watching anime recently, well.... as in a year ago, and have only really seen a few... But of those i've seen (just as they come to mind):

Naruto Shippuden
Full Metal Alchemist
Samurai Champloo - so much fun ^_^

and the odd episode from various anime...

Any recommendations?

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Riza » Fri 03.21.2008 8:01 am

DragonBall Z, Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by mandelak » Wed 03.26.2008 4:05 am

probably my 2 all time favs are

Full Metal Alchemist - i dont think anything can compare to that and Death Note.

i love naruto and bleach, but lately naruto has been a bit blah blah wateva, but it should be getting

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