Samurai Champloo Final Disc

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Samurai Champloo Final Disc

Post by Shibakoen » Mon 01.30.2006 5:52 pm

I just got the final disc and it was amazing. Very moving. Now that I've seen the last of that series, I must say it was the best Anime I've seen. The colors, stories, characters, acting... everything was brilliant. Just wondering if anyone else saw the final disc? I do feel like there are loose ends... I really would like to see another series based on the policeman, "Manzo", and some of the other minor characters like the girl that Mugen fell in love with and the woman Jin fell in love with. Also, I wanted to see Fuu go back and visit the mother of the thief from that one very moving episode. I was hoping they'd all show up somehow in the finale, but maybe Watanabe wants to be able to create Champloo spin-offs? Anyone hear anything about any projects like that?

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RE: Samurai Champloo Final Disc

Post by shikamarufoo » Thu 02.16.2006 12:48 am

I loved Samurai Champloo and would love it if they created something like a champloo spin off or some kind of hip-hop (not the american "hardcore" kind of hip hop though:))anime. Personally I haven't heard of anything like that, but you should check the forums, they might now a little bit more:).

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