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View topic - the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RE: I like TEEN TITANS but its more for kids

Postby Kramersize » Sat 05.14.2005 4:53 am

And Im an Adult but other than that its very watchable. I like the art and the music. And what does Puffy Ami Yummi = american sell out suppose to mean exactly from that one post? I like Puffy Ami Yummi Its good fun music. I am going to buy The NICE CD soon. AS far as them reaching out to the american market goes I think its a good thing to share with the world their fun music! I like alot of anime music its what makes some of them as great as they are like FLCL theme and TRIGUN music and many others. I've been watching the Irresponsible Captian Tylor and have really enjoyed it. He kind of reminds me of me how I narrowly exscape disaster in my life by whimsacly and luckily sidestepping bad girlfriends bad investments and bad people and situiations in general. I also am easy going fun guy. Im not supper rich but I do pretty good. But I havent found many friends who are truly friends. Life is sort of like it says in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy something to the effect of that its a mean universe full of people looking to take advantage of you and stuff. There have been a few special people Ive met that are really genuinly nice and good.
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby SanguisPluvia » Sat 05.14.2005 6:03 am

I like to watch Teen Titans for a laugh, seeing as most of the episodes have a lot of humor in them.........Yet I still prefer anime that tells a story rather than a show that is random with most of its episodes.....I still watch Teen Titans every other day or so for a good laugh, my favorite character is Raven....and my second favorite is cyborg........
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby hide21998 » Wed 05.18.2005 4:46 pm

ohemgee wrote:
Pseudo-anime and pseudo-manga were something I predicted around the time Pokemon made it big; I just didn't realize the market for it would be so large.

It's kind of sad to see companies try to imitate the art style and apply it to things that shouldn't be anime/manga in the first place. Example: Manga versions of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were recently published by an American company. Ick. But, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and it's a testament to just how popular bug-eyed, green-haired schoolgirls are in the U.S.

To be fair, and not to completely side with genuine Japanese pop culture, there are just as many, if not more, true manga and anime titles that suck just as bad as Teen Titans and W.I.T.C.H. *cough*naruto*cough*

--All joking aside, Naruto would be a lot better without those 20 minute still shots in between moments where the characters are actually moving. Jesus, it's like DBZ but with ninjas.

im happy about that un till the naruto thing thats not cool narutos great well to each his own
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby ZanbatouX » Thu 05.19.2005 12:51 pm

I'm sry to say, but I hate Teen Titans...

I've seen it a few times and the only character I actually like is Raven.

I gave up on this show a while ago...
It's just a cheap ripoff...
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Ogawa » Thu 05.26.2005 2:38 pm

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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Dial M for Meowth » Sun 05.29.2005 11:12 am

I like Teen Titans, especially the Robin/Raven scenes in "Birthmark" Although I like Starfire, to me, Robin has more in common with Raven.
Besides, Raven looked great with long hair!:)
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby w the cat » Sat 07.15.2006 6:28 pm

ren_agadelu wrote:
well, I don't think that Teen Titans counts as an anime (marvel comics, I believe, owns it) but I do love them very much!

nooooo! DC Comics own it!!! :@
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby metapod » Sat 07.15.2006 6:40 pm

Well technically, teen titans IS anime. Anime is just short for animation in japanese.
Teen titans is just a crappy pseudo-japanese style animation.
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Sumi » Sat 07.15.2006 7:28 pm

Nah, Teen Titans aren't really my style of cartoon.
My brothers are crazy about them though.
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby KINGZ » Sat 07.15.2006 10:37 pm

Well anime by default is toons from Japan to be short and to the point. (yea I know I'm over looking allot) As for Teen Titans go, I would classify it under anime. There is allot of crap out there that comes from Japan too, they call anime. Which I would not even let my Ferrets crap on. And again as for Teen Titans there are some episodes that pull it out of the anime direction but all and all it’s an ok to good anime. (not great) If I had to pick a character it would be Raven.
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby w the cat » Sun 07.16.2006 1:49 am

Me too, Raven is so cool. But in the comic book serie, Starfire is considerably (spelling?) prettier than Raven.
...no, of course i wasn't sleeping... i just had a really long blink...
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Hatori » Sun 08.13.2006 3:04 pm

i don't like american wannimes.. but i used to like this show, like 3 years ago.
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby amiyumi » Tue 10.24.2006 2:36 pm

Spaztick wrote:
No offense, but Puffy AmiYumi = American sellout

Actually.... how are they a sellout?

Hardly anyone in america even knows about Puffy aside from that little cartoon?

They dont have many songs in english either :S

Sorry to bring up an <b>old</b> topic. Iuno if people hate that here but sorry anyway :\
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby punkgrl326 » Tue 10.31.2006 8:46 pm

Well being the only series from DC I ever liked, I have to say it's a very good show. I'm pretty sure I've seen almost every episode. Although, I'm not sure it would be considered an anime...Can someone fill me in on it's background? Was it a manga originally made in japan that was brought over to the U.S, or was it originally made in America?
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RE: the Teen Titans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby mangamanzero » Tue 10.31.2006 9:01 pm

im confused now. i LOVE manga but u guys are all sayin' this aint manga and that aint manga I MEAN, LOOK AT MY NAME!!!!!! someone show me REAL manga then. plz.. soo confused *in a daze*
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