Inu Yasha Manga

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Inu Yasha Manga

Post by keatonatron » Mon 04.17.2006 5:13 am

I've recently come across a set of Inu Yasha manga: Books 1-34 (from the beginning!), in Japanese, excellent condition, appear to be full color.

I'm thinking about putting it on eBay so someone who is a much bigger fan than me can enjoy it. Also, I think it would be excellent for someone studying Japanese (great reading practice!). I'm thinking the whole set is worth maybe $120-150. What do you guys think? How much would you pay for a set like this? This is only a hypothetical question; even if you don't have any money, you can still say how much you would pay for it if you did have money :D

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RE: Inu Yasha Manga

Post by wasurenagusa » Mon 04.17.2006 6:37 am

ok i m in search of Inu Yasha and that too because i got a especially special reason B)

EDIT: bt right now my PIGGy bank is not taht full that i could buy 1 ,but..erm..will try.:|
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RE: Inu Yasha Manga

Post by hiraikotsu » Tue 04.18.2006 3:35 am

I think that's reasonable. the complete anime collection would already be close to US$250.
saw the manga in kinokuniya sometime back. if i rem correctly it was about US$10 (after conversion) for each book.

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