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View topic - ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

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RE: ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

Postby VanS3n » Fri 06.23.2006 11:34 am

shoujo ai .. shonen ai or bi shonen ? wehehhehehe... *I wonder if I spelled em correctly though

oh well
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RE: ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

Postby Pianogirl123 » Fri 06.23.2006 1:21 pm

yugioh - (manga)
inuyasha - (anime)
fma - (manga) -its funnier and it has those cool extras in the back
ranma - (manga) - never even seen the anime
megaman - (i really don't like tv shows that are made just to further franchize the movie/videogame)

i like manga better because the animes often leave parts out or mix the timelines up. but sometimes it gets me all confused. like you never know what color they are, and the cover illustrations are sometimes alternate colored versions. like in fruits basket I used to think tooru and yuki had blonde hair...
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RE: ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

Postby Chaosenemy » Mon 07.03.2006 1:31 am

Pok'emon - Manga (read a few and the manga seemed less childish)
Yu-Gi-Oh - cant stand yugiou
Inuyasha - havent seen or read
Full Metal Alchemist - Anime (havent read the manga...yet)
Fooly Cooly - Anime (havent read the manga...probably wont)
Ranma 1/2 - Manga (dunno why, i just really like the manga)
(dot) hack (both of 'em) - havent read or seen
Rave Master - eh???
Guyver Bio Booster Armor - again: eh???
Megaman - lol... can i pick 'video game' on this one?
dragonballz - Manga (anime was produced terribly with horrible voice acting... i actually prefer the english version!!! thats sad!)
Tenchi Muyou! - Anime
Love Hina - Anime (have yet to read the manga)
Excel Saga - Manga
Evangelion - Anime
Tenjou Tenge - Manga (Anime was good and had excellent music and animation but the manga was a little more 'R-rated' lol)

Overall I like anime better, but where would the world be without manga?!
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RE: ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

Postby Chris Hart » Sat 07.08.2006 7:55 pm

The only comparison I can make is Chobits, where I liked the manga better. Unfortunately with other series I haven't seen enough of the manga to make a determination, however I would suspect I would likely prefer the mangas based off english titles where I read the book and the movie, I generally preffered the book.
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RE: ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

Postby purelunatic » Mon 07.10.2006 12:25 pm

Its really a toss up between the two. I find if there is a lot of action, like say one piece, then in order to get the right feel for the action anime is preferable. But if its more story oriented, like love hina for example, then manga gets the heads up.
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RE: ANIME V.S. MANGA!!! Ding Ding!!!

Postby Ranma » Wed 07.12.2006 10:44 am

(like your avvie purelunatic!)
anyway anime is good for younger kids who dont know how to read yet.
For me I watched card captors all the time,then my step dad taught me how to read by reading pokemon mangas. ^_^
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