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Looking for Japanese electronica artists and other musicians

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Looking for Japanese electronica artists and other musicians

Postby dave23 » Wed 04.26.2006 3:14 pm

Sorry this is only in English - I am learning Japanese but a beginner still.

I am an electronic music composer and musician from the US in the process of meeting similar people in Japan for the purpose of collaboration and communication. I was wondering if anyone here can suggest good sites to find Japanese musicians that would also be in English - sites i can use to start learning about the Japanese music and art scene in the meantime.

I know I have to learn Japanese to access a lot more but I want to at least start learning more about things from people who can talk to me now.

My friends in Japan already are willing to help me find people but they are very busy doing their own thing and it takes them additional time to translate my emails - I feel greatly like I am imposing on them even though they swear otherwise.

Also if anyone is just willing to meet a respectful artist who wants to learn more about Japan before going there I usually have pretty interesting questions.

I can write in a simplified form of re-structured english that many of the Japanese i have met say is much easier to read for those not that strong in English. While I do not yet know Japanese I can communicate in this form of English if people want to email me.


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RE: Looking for Japanese electronica artists and other music

Postby Caneius9 » Thu 05.04.2006 12:28 am

Check out, http://www.download.com/
They have a great music section. Under Japan in the regions section they have a huge number of Japanese artists (Some known, others not).
I think most of the artists have conntact info but I'm not sure on that...

Anyway, there is a lot of good music on there if nothing else :D
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