What anime do you HATE?

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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Adriano » Wed 04.20.2011 5:43 pm


and all those pointless trashes people keep talking on and on and that takes a part of your life just to tell the ball pursuer main character like sucking mangos or something.


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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by maboroshi638 » Fri 10.28.2011 11:28 am

Anything that's too girly with oversized eyes and princess themes. I Hate them!
But then again I think that any Anime that do not contain a good amount of violence are boring :D
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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by john2 » Wed 01.11.2012 3:39 pm

Forgive me now I hate pokemon, I regret the previous post.
o_o' well I don't have very high standards anyway with entertainment so yeah... suffice to say don't watch pokemon ever I hate it. then again I keep on changing my mind... and forgetting things I don't like.
I avoided dragon ball however.
then again my brain seams clearly broken as for accurately remembering anime i watched except for one.

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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by xJoskix » Tue 03.06.2012 7:06 pm

One Piece! I Tried to get into it 3 times but I can't get past the first 15 minutes. I don't get why people like that show lol

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