What anime do you HATE?

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Desho » Sun 02.25.2007 3:17 am

I really hate DBZ and Sailormoon(I used to do the Fusion technique with my friends back then though, 'coz it's funny :p). Yu-gi-oh, CrushGear, Pokémon, and Digimon is disgusting too.

Why are there so many Naruto haters in here? It's not that bad that you'll hate it(except for the fillers :|).

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Seapony » Sun 02.25.2007 3:20 am

Sumi wrote:
I can't stand that show called Bobobo whatever the hell it is. It gets on my damn nerves....The only show that I could & wish was still on is Outlaw Star - Ah, how I miss that show. In general, I hate childish anime.
I second that. Outlaw Star reminded me a bit of Star Wars actually. Shows that are like Boboboboboboob escape me. How they managed to get funding is anyone's guess. Fooley Cooley whatsamajigger was another head scratcher for me, I just had to abandon it too, even though at times it seemed interesting (stuff coming out of a kid's head? pretty unique perpective).

The shows like Sailor Moon and such, eh. They're good for the demographic they target which are the younger girls. Dunno about the live action since I've never seen it but if I were a school girl I can see myself watching it, I think. I think. I mean, I was more of a Gatchaman girl, but hey, I'm all about girl power. I can't get into too many mecha anime because to me it's the same storyline, different setting ("special kid" ends up driving "special mech suit," meets angst co-working love interest...been there).

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Infidel » Sun 02.25.2007 4:20 am

I hate any anime where there is an obvious change in artists in the middle of the series.

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by zengargoyle » Sun 02.25.2007 4:58 am

i read somewhere that FLCL was a "let off some steam" project. while working on other projects, the animators might have a good idea that couldn't be used in the current project, or just being tired of working on the current project just needed to do something else at the moment... so they started FLCL as an outlet for for unneeded ideas and "just need to take a break from work". thus, FLCL is a bit weird, it contains ideas random ideas from overworked workers... sorta reminds me of 'Heavy Metal' where a bunch of unrelated stories were tied together ex post facto. but watch it a couple of times and it begins to make some sense, plus, the music is awesome. (and just a few days ago i saw a yellow vespa with a 'P!' sticker... :) )

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Jba » Mon 03.12.2007 10:55 pm

To me the worst anime i ve seen till now is MAR that anime is the lamest thing ever.ever!! :D B)
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by kawaiicat » Wed 03.21.2007 6:54 pm

punkgrl326 wrote:
The only anime I really dislike is Mecha, like Gundam Wing and IGPX. Oh yeah and I've never really been a big fan of Sailor Moon, although I do like the sub slightly more than the dub. Other than that, I'm not a real hater of anime. I also like Pokemon because when my little cousin is watching it, I'll tell him what happens b4 it happens and then he'll say "How'd you know that?" That just cracks me up :D
I really hate all the childish stuff like naruto, dragonballZ, Pokemon, Digimon etc.
Pokemon and Digimon I agree are very childish, but DBZ isn't childish. It's just too loooooong. Naruto childish? Naruto himself is childish, but as a whole the show can be pretty mature with adult themes mixed in.
ya! someone who likes naruto(the show not character)!!!I agree 100% with u!! ditto everything u just said! oh yeah .. and I luv FLCL i don't know how people don't?

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by enpitsu00 » Sun 01.06.2008 11:52 pm

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Tyrice » Fri 01.11.2008 2:00 pm

I liked the subbed version of Naruto until I caught my kids watching it on Cartoon Network. That killed the experience for me :( I haven't watched it since. I absolutely refused to watch Bleach on CN in fear of disliking that as well.

Blueseed Iwatched a couple times. It just seemed to drag for me though. The Patlabor movies were the same way.

I started out liking Monster for the first 20 eps, but then derailed. It got a little confusing after that and seemed to drag as well.
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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Havnes » Fri 02.29.2008 6:20 pm

Someone put Tenchi Universe on their list? Noooo! Then again, I like Tenchi Muyo and all of its various spin-offs way too much.
Oh, and for the person wondering about the show with "Lil' Slugger" it's called Paranoia Agent. Great anime, if you liked Twin Peaks and have the patience to sit through it. Very rich in symbolism, it is.

As for the anime I hate:

1. Naruto. It's just terrible. Granted, some of the characters are pretty neat, but it goes on for way too long and can get very, very boring.
2. DBZ. I don't think I have to explain myself. I'm pretty sure a whole season is dedicated to a single fight scene.
3. Bobobo. This is by far the most retarded thing I've every seen. Who came up with this? Someone once told me that this is a very popular anime in Japan, and I hesitate to call him a liar, but...
4. Recent Pokemon seasons. Now, I actually enjoyed the first few seasons of Pokemon (and the first few games), but I hate the repititious monster that it's become. The characters are unable to develop further (some of the never did at all), and it's grown very stale. Now, the Japanese versions might be a little better, but I doubt it.

Well, I suppose that sums it up. I really don't watch CN much, so I'm not sure what all is on, but I fear that most of it is trash.

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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Clochi » Sun 03.09.2008 8:48 am

I hate naruto too, but i still see it a bit.
Its like a bad anime soap opera, so addicting and so boring, It so easy to tell whats going to happen next.
Most of the episode just waste time by using the same drawing, like; What happened in last episode, characters having flashback, characters talking about the same thing, chareters thinking, and i could go on.
For the most you know nobody will die, because they just turne to a piece of wood. And when they meet an enermy its like: "I use this jutsu" "Then i use this jutsu" "Woah, but i alreaddy knew you would use that jutst, so i use this jutsu" "But i knew that you would know what jutsu i would make - so i make this jutsu" and so on.
If you look it in a nutshell, its just a game of "My dad can beat your dad".

This is only the haft, i could go on about it.
But i think its best to stop, people have different opinion.

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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Yoshito » Sun 03.09.2008 11:51 am

There is no anime that I have seen that I hate, it has to catch my interest first for me to watch it. Also, I haven't watched TV as much as when I lived in Japan.
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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Kenitai » Sun 09.21.2008 3:26 am

I don't know why people hate animes, it's not like it caused serious hardship to you personally... :? I can understand if people dislike anime though.
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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by chikara » Sun 09.21.2008 9:45 pm

10 Mar 2008 -> 21 Sep 2008
29 Feb 2008 -> 21 Sep 2008
22 Jan 2008 -> 21 Sep 2008

I don't hate anime nor do I hate anime fanbois but I do have a strong dislike for people who visit these forums and dredge up long dead anime and manga threads :twisted:

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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by Kenitai » Sun 09.21.2008 11:26 pm

Woa, haven't checked the date of the posts!!

Atleast it's better than wasting space by creating another identical thread. :P
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Re: What anime do you HATE?

Post by AJBryant » Mon 09.22.2008 3:28 pm

Yeah, this is one of those cases where I don't mind necroposting. It's kind of a perpetual topic.


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