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Mainichi Daily News - Manglish

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Mainichi Daily News - Manglish

Postby zengargoyle » Mon 07.03.2006 4:05 pm

maybe the should have come up with a better name than "manglish". anyhow, the Mainichi Daily News has started a 'manga in english' section:

'manglish' sounds a bit too much like 'mangle' to my ears:

tr.v. man·gled, man·gling, man·gles

1. To mutilate or disfigure by battering, hacking, cutting, or tearing.
2. To ruin or spoil through ineptitude or ignorance: mangle a speech.
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RE: Mainichi Daily News - Manglish

Postby paul_b » Mon 07.03.2006 4:38 pm

zengargoyle wrote:
maybe the should have come up with a better name than "manglish".

It's darn well named from what I've seen. ^ ^;
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