Kurumi - steel angel

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Kurumi - steel angel

Post by Reeni » Mon 07.03.2006 11:10 pm

I started watching this today and I find that I recognize a lot of the language, which is a good step!! However, Kurumi calls Nakahito 'master', and I don't understand the word, I can't find it in the dictionary either.. I've tried all kinds of pronunciations and spellings.. maybe I am not hearing it correctly. I looked up the word for master and it doesn't look anything like what I'm hearing.

It sounds like - gasedisama... what is this??
i'm a beginner! so bear with me please!!


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RE: Kurumi - steel angel

Post by Dutt » Tue 07.04.2006 3:52 am


^that's what I think it is

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