what's the best ending

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what's the best ending

Post by citan » Tue 08.29.2006 2:34 pm

I was just curious how many people like happy endings over sad endings.

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RE: what's the best ending

Post by Cobra » Tue 08.29.2006 8:13 pm

matters how i feel!
i like a little bit of both,
a tear jerker, but also a little sun shine too!
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RE: what's the best ending

Post by Hale » Tue 08.29.2006 8:41 pm

Little of both here, too. Just watched one series with a sad ending, one of the few things that's put a tear in my eye, but I really like it. Overall, though, I prefer happy endings.

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RE: what's the best ending

Post by DeathOfSoul » Tue 09.05.2006 12:02 am

I tend to like both... it just depends. I also like it when it's mixed, like the end of the series Ayashi no Ceres <3
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RE: what's the best ending

Post by zengargoyle » Tue 09.05.2006 12:49 am

i like sad/open endings.... one of the big things i like about anime and foreign movies in general is the tendency to leave the endings either unresolved or "bad". ... blah, blah, blah ... and 12 episodes later the hero is dead. i love the ambiguous endings.. :)

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RE: what's the best ending

Post by magma » Tue 09.05.2006 12:55 am

Nothing says, "this story is OVER" like killing off the protagonist!

Hollywood wisely learned to avoid that practice, since it makes lucrative sequels much more difficult.

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RE: what's the best ending

Post by aKuMu » Tue 09.05.2006 5:41 am

I like it when everyone dies in the end :eviL:

No, but i tend to like sad Endings more. Or in generaly, sad Movies/Series. Thats why i like Korean Dramas. Mostly theyre very sad.
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RE: what's the best ending

Post by kaze89 » Thu 09.07.2006 5:48 am

Usually I prefer sad endings, but when the whole anime/manga already had a sad mood I sometimes make an exception and hope for a happy ending for the protagonists.

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RE: what's the best ending

Post by Tarento7386 » Thu 09.07.2006 7:13 pm

Happy endings! Sad endings (Mahoromatic anyone?) make the anime seem like a waste of time. IMO, of course.

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RE: what's the best ending

Post by Sachi » Thu 09.07.2006 7:33 pm

I like sad endings. Actually, I like endings that are sad, but also hopeful, like there's more left unsaid. It makes you think, and can be good inspiration for fanfiction ;) :D
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