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Death Note movie

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Death Note movie

Postby Nibble » Thu 10.12.2006 7:13 am

Has anyone seen it? Is it good? I've read the first half of the manga so far, and I'm interested in buying the movie when it comes out on DVD.
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RE: Death Note movie

Postby adam » Thu 10.12.2006 8:09 am

It was pretty decent. Though they did alter the story quite a bit. Also the first movie ends in a cliffhanger right where L and raito first meet so you gotta catch the second one as well to make a nice ending
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RE: Death Note movie

Postby Harisenbon » Thu 10.12.2006 8:21 pm

I was highly impressed with the movie, although I have to admit, the first 10 minutes scared the holy pants off me, because I was scared that the entire movie was going to be that hard to understand. (the first 10 minutes is all news reports).

Although I didn't really care for the manga, I loved the movie, and I'm looking forward to the second one coming out next month. Nakmura Shido is great as Ryuk, and although he looks really CG, the movie is interesting enough that you don't really care.
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