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RE: Naruto

Post by Kashin » Fri 06.08.2007 12:47 am

All right I must say something on this topic. I really enjoy the Anime/Manga overall, I was reading the Manga a while before the show came on tv. One thing that just made me mad, Naruto on Cartoon Network really ruined it for me. They got the worst voice actors, and they really didn't do much justice to the story. It always gets on my nerves when American TV cuts around a good story (e.g. Rurouni Kenshin) and turns it into just another kids anime like Yu-Gi-Oh or Digimon (Notice I didn't say Pokemon cause I still like that show, even if it's 4kids! ;))

Maybe I'll just keep reading the manga and try to find the Japanese versions or the uncut DVDs.

Oh and without a doubt my favorite character is Kakashi-sensei. (see avatar) I like to think that I share his personality.
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RE: Naruto

Post by Eiri_Shuichi » Fri 06.15.2007 5:05 am

My fave characters are Kakashi + Sasuke + Neji

All the bad attitude blokes! :p

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RE: Naruto

Post by Shinigami » Fri 08.03.2007 7:02 pm

my favourite character is kakashi by a long way. i think as he's quite mysterious you can interperet him in different ways. i also like iruka and sakura. don't know why iruka, because he's a bit of a non-entity but hey, he's nice to everyone. sakura because she's just awesomely underrated. i hate temari and kankurou, and i'm not that keen on kiba.
generally, i love the way Team 7 is just like a copy of kakashi's old team crossed with the sannin.
sasuke = young kakashi (all serious, and the girl likes him) + orochimaru (evil bastard who looks like michael jackson)
naruto = obito (all happy and bouncy and likes the girl) + jiraiya (annoying as hell but hilarious)
sakura = rin (well...the girl, that's it really) + tsunade (scarily strong (shippuden), medic nin, all that crap)
sorry for the longness and rambliness of this

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RE: Naruto

Post by Mao » Fri 08.03.2007 11:51 pm

Sasuke needs to be killed.
But I like Orochimaru. Maybe not his way of thinking, thus.
I love Ukon.

...and Sasori ^^

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RE: Naruto

Post by Kenitai » Sat 08.04.2007 12:14 pm

Mine are Naruto, Kakashi and Fuzzybrow.

I too have a little resentment against Sasuke, I just can't seem to get why he's so special.

The character I respect the most, is Fuzzybrow, because he's just nice, even against Naruto. ( I believe I've never heard him say anything negative against Naruto ... But that's just maybe me. )
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RE: Naruto

Post by podomo32 » Fri 10.12.2007 10:22 pm

i really do like karin and neji, most (and i like sakura).
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RE: Naruto

Post by tanuki » Fri 10.12.2007 11:24 pm

Good Lord, why on earth would anyone revive this worthless excuse for a thread?

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RE: Naruto

Post by twt302 » Sat 10.13.2007 12:26 am

I like Nagato, he can summon a crab and a chameleon. Naruto's okay...If i had to choose the strongest so far, I'd say Kakashi with his mangekyou sharingan. (`;´)

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RE: Naruto

Post by Infidel » Sat 10.13.2007 12:51 am

this must be necropost week. People are necroposting left and right.

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RE: Naruto

Post by Hatori » Sat 10.13.2007 1:57 am

tanuki wrote:
I hate all Naruto characters. Does that count?
I second that! I tried to make one of my best friends wear my ugly orange Naruto jacket today. I failed. :@ :p

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RE: Naruto

Post by Harisenbon » Sat 10.13.2007 2:31 am

Infidel wrote:
this must be necropost week. People are necroposting left and right.
Notice that they're all by the same person, and the method of madness becomes clear. ;)
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RE: Naruto

Post by podomo32 » Sat 10.13.2007 3:32 pm

ashitaka wrote:
Oh Oh I hate all anime charecters and almost all anime freaks.

Anime freaks prepare for the offensive truth,
Anime is for socialy retarded freaks of nature
are you implying that almost everyone posting is a 'socially-retarded freak of nature?'

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RE: =D

Post by Cherry13 » Sat 10.13.2007 5:25 pm

i love naruto! XD

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RE: Naruto

Post by kevinlee2008 » Mon 10.15.2007 12:32 am

I like hinata best, I hate naruto because hinata kind of likes him...... Hinata is my himesama...
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RE: Naruto

Post by Cherry13 » Mon 10.15.2007 12:41 am

hinata is cool also^^ awww. hehe cool. i think my favorite is sakura hehe.(:

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