whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by ahiru_desu » Wed 07.20.2005 10:08 pm

Gummies Bears was awesome. As was Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, Rugrats, and Care Bears :). Pokemon was pretty good early on, but after the first million episodes...it just wasn't that good anymore. I love the storylines and art of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and Paranoia Agent.
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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by CviCvraeVtMoriar » Wed 07.20.2005 11:31 pm

Obviously *YOU* never watched Opimus Prime die in front of you!

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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Midori_Happy » Sat 07.23.2005 4:20 pm

Quite some argument happening over animation. I'd say that they both have their ups and downs. Anime do usually have more compicated story liines, better art, and seem to be more creative. But honestly they can sometimes go overboard on emotion, point, or just ending the series and being done with it.

Cartoons are a bit less complicated when it comes to the idea of the show, but they can be more outgoing and funnier. Just the fact that they can be more crazy and unrealistic makes them what they are. But they also get to focus on real things going on, as in anime they usually talk about the fantasy behind the idea.

My point is that both can be good and bad. I guess you have to look at what show your talking about. Most things on TV are pointless, lies, and boring anyway. Just enjoy the originality, that's one of the main parts in a show.;)
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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Blazing » Mon 07.25.2005 10:42 am

it is true that anime is better in art and sometimes in their plots. but whe have to see that some anime does really suck. and by the way duck tails was awsome! i remember watching transformers too, and GI Joe, and i gotta tell you those where some really good shows as well ROCKO,Angry Beavers, and more! but i definately have to give anime a lot of credit, anime is awsome! if i remember rigth i used to see Gatcha man(battle of the worlds)and some macross i think,now this days anime is my fav, even though i get to see a lot of cartoons wich are preaty funny.:D in conclusion both anime and cartoons are awsome!!!!:D:D:D

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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Forever Yours » Mon 07.25.2005 4:38 pm

I'd Say that Anime is so far better than American cartoons......Even if i want a laugh theres plenty of Anime around to make me laugh. Althoguh the simpsons is a good show to make you laugh along with futurama and the family guy....i still think Anime is the best....like i read earlier Anime has atmosphere in them and american cartoons dont....They also have better graphics, Good artform, great story lines, The story, the genres....You could get a great action Anime with some love in there and laughter too......there my favourites to be honest and you dont get that in any if only some, of the ameican cartoons....so my overall vote is Anime all the way 100%
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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Shibakoen » Mon 07.25.2005 8:24 pm

I will say this. Anime in English SUCKS!!! I finally watched Samurai Champloo on Adult Swim and the English VO was terrible. Completely devoid of any emotion or acting. And come on, Gene is a terrible name for a samurai. Jin is much cooler. Fine line, maybe, but then whoever was the English voice for Fuu was just plain bad. For those of you who haven't watched it in Japanese, it's a completely different experience. The Japanese Fuu is so completely realistic, I get flashbacks to my time in Japan while listening to her. Is all English Voice Over THAT bad? And I'm sorry, but you can't compare story lines for Anime like Dragonball Z or Gunslinger Girls to even Bugs Bunny, much less more sophisticated (adult) cartoons like Family Guy. Oh, man, the episode last night was classic.
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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by natemb » Mon 07.25.2005 11:01 pm

Amen to that. Almost all dubbed anime I've watched was pretty aweful. There's actually a thread dedicated to bad dubs (and subtitles) here:
http://www.thejapanesepage.com/forum/vi ... f=12&t=888

But, I don't think its fair to compare Dragonball Z with the Family Guy. First of all, I think the original Dragon Ball was much better. That was some good, wacky, light-hearted fun (obviously different from Bugs Bunny, but not necessarily worse). Second of all, there's plenty of sophisticated adult animes out there to compare with Family Guy or Simpsons.

If you want irreverant (and often very insightful) social commentary, nothing in Anime beats the Family Guy or (good) Simpsons or South Park. But if you want a cartoon that takes on some basic human problems in a more serious way, that's definitely the realm of Anime, especially anime movies. I thought Princess Mononoke was a great look into the relationship between humans and nature. And there are countless animes that address the themes of war and violence, as well as love and innocence (some more successfully than others, of course). The Kenshin series, I think, does a decent job of addressing the question of when (if ever) it is justified to kill people for what you believe in, and when it's worth it to start a war that will kill many people to change a government that does bad things. I think these topics are very current and important.

So I guess that's the long way of saying I agree with the sitting-on-the-fence,
"both are good but they're different" opinion.

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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Harisenbon » Tue 07.26.2005 4:05 am

Shibakoen wrote:
And come on, Gene is a terrible name for a samurai. Jin is much cooler.
ジーン is worse than ジン? Phonetically they:re almost the same. Or just the spelling is irking?
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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Shibakoen » Wed 07.27.2005 1:09 am

My point in bringing up Dragon Ball Z is that there's an entire genre of Anime where NOTHING happens in an episode. I mean the Coyote may fall off the cliff a thousand times just to come back for more, but it's still funny for a little kid. OK, and for me, too, I'm easily amused. But I'm not so easily amused that I can sit for a half hour to see some silver bald thing yap silly taunts at a spiky haired "hero." Kenshin may be great, and I'll definitely check it out, but for what's out there quality anime is the exception rather than the rule. And yes, there are crappy American cartoons. But there are plenty of great ones and hopefully there will be plenty more. It just seems to me that Anime is kinda like sit-coms here. For every 'Frasier' (Cowboy Bebop) there's a million crappy ones. I haven't watched Princess Mononoke yet. For some reason it's really hard to find one with Japanese audio around here. As was pointed out on the Simpsons this week, Americans don't like foreign films because we don't like subtitles. Crouching Tiger was about the only thing the masses here could tolerate.

If you listen to the English dub versus the Japanese, Gene is completely different from Jin. I wouldn't say the name Jin exactly inspires fear in the hearts of man or anything, but the only thing 'Gene' inspires in me is to laugh and give the guy a wedgie. Not that I condone giving wedgies to all the guys out there named Gene, I'm just exaggerating the point that I don't feel the name is appropriate for a ronin Samurai like Jin. I mean it's basically a girls' name here. I only gave it a male spelling, but the way it is in the English version it's just too close to 'Jean.' Billie Jean King is about the manliest ジーン I can think of.

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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Jba » Wed 07.27.2005 5:29 pm

wow lots of responses cinse the last time I cheked:D
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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Ishikawa » Fri 07.29.2005 5:23 pm

i grown up with anime and cartoons,but cartoons miss only one thing...characters!!!
I like anime because they allow to exist chara like Kenshiro,Kyoko,Madoka,H.Sakuragi,Motoko kusanagi,Sampei,Kotetsu jeeg,Majinga Z, and so on....can american cartoons do better?

I think the answer is NO!!

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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

Post by Gakusha » Fri 07.29.2005 6:13 pm

jinksys wrote:
Well, thats a hard call. American Cartoons and Japanese Anime are geared towards different audiences. Anime toward many different age groups, and Cartoons towards mostly children, (except a select few like simpons, the critic, family guy, american dad, and anything else on adult swim.
Oddly enough, Cartoon Network put Inuyasha on adult swim.

I think that cartoons and anime have their advantages and disadvantages. Cartoons have smoother transitions between scenes so they are more like sitcoms, while anime is very choppy and flashes from once scene to another with little or no transition. Many cartoons are stupid and pointless, having no really good plot. Anime has better and different plots. Also, cartoons are easier on the eyes while anime is very fast and action-packed.

As you see, this is kind of like comparing apples to oranges.

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