Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop

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RE: Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop

Post by Kazuki » Thu 08.04.2005 8:56 am

thanks!!!!:D Now I am going to buy the series!:D:D

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RE: Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop

Post by Shibakoen » Thu 08.04.2005 1:57 pm


The AS dub is like watching a 7th grade production of 'Trainspotting'. If your english teacher made your class read Shakespeare out loud, you'll know what I mean. Since everyone's "too cool" to read with emotion, the effect is everyone gets the impression that Shakespeare is crap. Granted Shakespeare's comedies lose much of the humor because the language and jokes are so dated, imagine instead an English class reading something more current, like The DaVinci Code or a Tom Clancy Novel. What I'm trying to stress is that Samurai Champloo is not about the action. If you're looking for mindless barbarians, aliens, and cyborgs hacking at each other with samurai swords, please watch something else. Samurai Champloo, on the other hand, is an amazingly intelligent comedy. When you watch the AS dub, however, it completely loses its effectiveness. The drama and humor completely disappears.

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RE: Samurai Champloo is great!!

Post by okolenui » Thu 08.04.2005 3:16 pm

I love Samurai Champloo, I think that it's interesting and very appealing to everyone. I love the animation and the hip-hop music theme (although some people don't). Each episode brings something new, I'll never loose interest with this anime.

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RE: Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop

Post by Ashleigh » Mon 08.15.2005 1:35 am

Forgive the lateness of this response, but I only just found this site.
I must agree with Shibakoen on the discussion with Opgots. Firstly, AS positively BUTCHERED Samurai Champloo. I was expecting, that since they did a marvelous (in dub standards) job on Bebop, that it would be the same with SC. Not so, not so. I very much agree with the Shakespeare analogy. Where the english voiceover sparkled as Spike, he is a dismal Mugen. Mostly because Spike and Mugen are NOTHING alike, and I just want to bash in the heads of everyone who has drawn the parallel. Whereas Spike is a cynic, often with a bored or noncommital tone, Mugen is very idealistic, (in his own way). He lives to fight and fights to live passionately, where Spike couldn't really give a damn one way or another. The voice really doesn't fit Mugen at all.
Secondly, Fuu comes off a lot more bratty in the AS version. From her dubbed words we don't really get a sense of the crush she has on Jin, but in the Japanese version it is GLARINGLY obvious. Oh, yeah, and Jin talks way more than he should in the dub.

Lastly, there is one thing I must make clear. I am not saying that Cowboy Bebop isn't better. It is, no hands down. One of the main things that makes it so is the lack of defined goal in Bebop. In Champloo the plot tends to get stale, but in Bebop, there was no set plot, therefore nothing to get stale. The story just kind of unfolded at its own pace and that was fine. Perfect, even. The sunflower samurai thing tends to trail into the background and it annoys me when it pops back up again out of nowhere. My only point in this little quasi-essay, Opgots, is that I don't want you to judge Champloo by AS; they DO do some anime better than others, and some a lot worse. If all you are interested in is action, which I doubt since you obviously feel strongly about Bebop, then I suggest maybe borrowing or downloading an original episode. Champloo is a masterpiece in it's own right.

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RE: Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop

Post by Hiyoko-pollo » Fri 08.19.2005 1:26 pm

Believe me, I wasn't much inthe Anime stuff, but when I saw some clasical animes (Love Hina, Evangelion) I liked it, then, someone recommended me Cowboy Bebop, and I bought it and I was open mouth with the plot, art, music and all the characters individual plots. I loved it, and the work yoko Kanno made for the music was amazing, I have my PC stuffed with CB music, hahaha.
Then, in a Videogames TV show here in Mexico, I saw a review of Samurai Champloo, and I liked the art (and all the traditional culture content of Japan) and then I spotted it was from the Watanabe, same director. I researched on the net and I found some clips, and galleries, and finally I got my hands on a friend of mine that had 7th-12th episodes. So I watched them and I got surprised with all the stuff the plot has. And the music fantastic too, the humor is fascinating. And I like Jin more than others, I love it, just the border thing. When he works on food selling. it was hilarious.

I hope to see all the other episodes. This thread is a paradise to me, this 2 are the most loved animes for me.
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RE: Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop

Post by Apollo » Wed 10.12.2005 12:16 pm

I love that show! I'm one of those people that judge a book by it's cover usually, except when it comes to people, but when I first saw that commercial I thought it was really stupid, but I watched it one day when I was bored and I LOVED IT!

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RE: Samurai Champloo/Cowboy Bebop

Post by Shibakoen » Fri 10.14.2005 9:05 pm

Disc 5 just came out for Samurai Champloo. I must say, AMAZING!! This definitely had some of the more hip-hop themed episodes. And if anyone was put off by the "spoiler" on page 1 about Mugen dying, I'll just say that it's not a spoiler at all. The only thing I don't like about the series now is that for the last two discs, the last episode on each disc is the first part of a two-part episode, continued on the next disc, so I can tell they've mastered the art of the cliff hanger. ARGH!!!

I also just got the "remix" of session 1 for Cowboy Bebop. It was great, just as expected. Unfortunately, Session 2 is AWOL from any of the stores around here. Anyone else seen any of these? What'd you all think? Sugei, ne!!!!

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