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RE: なぜ日本語??

Postby chikara » Mon 07.30.2007 8:27 pm

coco wrote:
Why did you create this thread in "Anime" section?...

I thought the OP was asking why Anime and Manga is in Japanese and not in Vietnamese :o

This thread rivals Justin's effort at Super Bowl XXXVIII. He should be sent back under his bridge and never allowed to return to these forums.
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RE: なぜ日本語??

Postby UpHand » Mon 07.30.2007 9:17 pm

tanuki wrote:
Justin wasn't in the Backstreet Boys, but in 'N Sync. Not that I care that much, I never liked "boy bands".

Wait.... There was a difference between the two?
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Re: なぜ日本語??

Postby Miyu-rin » Sun 03.09.2008 4:29 pm

The real question is, why NOT, amirite?
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Re: なぜ日本語??

Postby Daisuke » Sun 03.09.2008 4:41 pm

You realize that you bumped a thread, which is more than 7 months old, right?...

Anyway, I guess nothing more needs to be said here. *locked*
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