A Request for Hello Kitty Fans

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A Request for Hello Kitty Fans

Post by ChisaiNeko » Sun 08.19.2007 3:57 pm


I am looking for a picture of a very specific Hello Kitty sticker.

I had and have misplaced :( a sticker page -- I think it was white or clear, and that Kitty-chan's clothes were light blue and light green, but I could have these colors wrong. One of the stickers had her with the word "luckey". I have looked everywhere I can think of in the house and online (all the image search sites, flicker, yes yes I tried eBay too) and can't find it. If you know where I can find a picture online, please let me know. If you have the sticker (the "luckey" one or the whole page) or know someone who does, could you please take a picture and either post it or email it to me?

In advance, doumo arigatoo gozaimasu! :)

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RE: A Request for Hello Kitty Fans

Post by Hatori » Mon 10.01.2007 9:45 pm

I'm sorry, but this is possibly the most unnessisary post I've seen for QUITE a while.

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RE: A Request for Hello Kitty Fans

Post by tanuki » Mon 10.01.2007 10:05 pm

Then why on earth did you revive this thread? Your post is even more unnecessary than the OP's. If you had at least HELPED them...


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