Beating myself to death with anime CDs -- an option? Or jus

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Beating myself to death with anime CDs -- an option? Or jus

Post by MenomaMinx » Thu 07.14.2005 12:34 pm

I'm sitting next to two stacks of anime CDs that put together are taller than my dogs put together. In fact, if I put them together, and they toppled over, they might crush me to death -- which might be a good thing ;-)

You see, today I began the rather ambitious task of organizing my Japanese language CDs . I haven't done so in nearly a year and during that year I've been telling everyone that I don't have that many anime CDs. I honestly believed I didn't. I mean, five hours later, I've obviously come to terms with the fact that I have a lifetime of CDs and no place to put them. But still, I really thought I had my anime CDs addiction under control. It kind of crept up on me. And now they're leaning over me, threatening to crush me! Maybe I should let them? Maybe there really are fates worse than cataloging and rebagging yet another hours worth of CDs, but I can't think of any.

Can you?

Can you admit to the anime CDs you own without fear?

What anime CDs do you own ......

...... and have they ever threatened violence upon you ;-)
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RE: Beating myself to death with anime CDs -- an option? Or

Post by jaela » Sun 07.17.2005 5:56 am

whew! i think i have found a kindred spirit here ... i have been trying to convince my folks for some time now that i really don't own that much. "i really don't buy that often" or "i buy only the ones on sale", these are my usual excuses. but there came the time when my closet finally gave up, and they were forced to face the fact that their child was a closet anime addict. actually, this was a no no for them, because it's like i was, for them, regressing. anime is still cartoons anyway.

this anime addiction of mine is like a constant friend, i think. not to contradict myself, but, it keeps me sane. the most dreadful thing it probably does to me is that sometimes i cannot save money or buy new clothes/shoes/other accesories, because i'd rather buy my anime series (and have an anime all-nighter).

my justifications?

life is short, so might as well do what makes you happy ...
at least i don't spend my money on illegal stuff ...
it helps me get accustomed to the japanese language ...

but when i am with my "mature" relatives and friends, i cannot readily admit this addiction ... :|

how much have you already spent on your collection? don't ask me that please ...

(it's good that i can download them now, i think the spending lessened up some ... :))

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