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Good Stuff

Anything relating to Anime or Manga - what's new, what you like, etc...

RE: Good Stuff

Postby Obsessed_Saru » Tue 10.16.2007 9:07 pm

Gunslinger Girl is one of my favorite manga titles. My friend got a little of it, showed it to me, and since then I've been hooked. I haven't actually been able to read much of it because of low funding though...

Oh, and if people are looking for an anime that is most decidedly not cliche, and can stand pure terror, I suggetst BoogiePop Phantom. I liked it a lot, but it disturbed me...
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RE: Good Stuff

Postby Wakannai » Sun 10.28.2007 2:19 am

Minami-ke also seems to be pretty cool. It is another 4 koma based Anime--like lucky star. Ie no real plot, but very funny.

Clannad also seems to be pretty good. The animation seems to be a little higher quality too, meaning a few more frames/sec than most TV anime shows. The main character's sense of humor is very American.
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