Bad Guys

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Bad Guys

Post by Mariya » Fri 07.22.2005 12:17 pm

Just wondering, out of all the bad guys in any Anime, which do you think is the most:

- Hottest
- Sadistic
- Weirdest
- Realistic
- Funniest
- Crappest
- Cool

I would say what my opinions are, but I wouldn't be able to pick for most (especially hottest ;)). Maybe for sadistic would be Muraki (Yami no Matsuei), nobody beats him lol.

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RE: Bad Guys

Post by namiko » Fri 07.22.2005 12:34 pm

funny thing is, naraku from inuyasha was in my dream last night. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird insnt it?
kawaii ne?

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RE: Bad Guys

Post by Datadog » Sat 07.23.2005 1:02 pm

I liked Pierrot Le Fou from that one episode of Cowboy Bebop. He was like what would happen if the Joker and the Penguin had a baby, and their kid grew up to have a baby with the Terminator.
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RE: Bad Guys

Post by MenomaMinx » Sun 07.24.2005 2:18 am

The lead gangster from "kite uncensored" {I find him attractive the same way I find the inmates of HBO's OZ hot -- even though I would run the other way if I saw them in real life ;-)- Hottest

the shopkeeper from "pet shop of horrors"- Sadistic

Susannah-o from "blue seed" - Weirdest {if all babies were this dangerous, lingerie stores would go out of business ;-)

the fat chick from " perfect blue"- Realistic

the girl from "Excel saga" - Funniest {makes perfect sense if you're "dinner" ;-)

the alien from "aargent ssoma" {or however it is spelled -- see the first few episodes on adult swim on demand right now to understand} - Crappest

Sesshoumaru from "Inuyasha" - Cool
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