Please read before posting!

Please Read Before Posting!
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Please read before posting!

Post by clay » Mon 02.28.2005 12:25 pm

Thank you for visiting forums! To help make sure everyone gets the most out of these forums, here are a few rules to help everyone play nice:

1: Do not spam! Spam means that you write posts which do not have anything to do with the topic, or that you post more than one time in a row before you got an reply. Edit your message instead. And the forum is not a chat, if you want to talk with one person, then PM him/her. (PM is Private Message).

1.5: Old threads can and should only be revived if the post benefits the community (Posts like "oh, thanks. lol. I see." etc... aren't beneficial). So unless your post is bringing up important information, or asking for better clarification, then we request you refrain from posting in old threads.

2: Do not post links to illegal sites (or illegal material, such as fansubs, scans of textbooks, Japanese music, etc), or sites with mature material. Do not advertise your own sites in the forum or in the shoutbox UNLESS it is relevant to the topic. You may write your website address in your profile and signature. (but do not abuse this privilege and use your signature to spam, posting on the forum solely to advertise your address. We reserve the right to ban on first offense if it's obvious.)

3: Do not use offensive language. Treat other people with respect. Many people find the abbreviation 'jap' offensive. Please refrain from using it.

4: When you have made a topic in a forum, then do not post everywhere that people should check this topic. Most active members check all topics anyways, just be patient and a reply will come.

5: Signatures may not be offensive in any way. UPDATE 26/3; Pictures in signatures are limited to 400x100 pixels.

6: We request that you do not discuss religion or politics, even in the off topic section, in order to reduce needless friction.

7: The most important rule. Have fun while learning Japanese!

Have fun and be careful...

Special thanks to: The Admin Team
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Re: Please read before posting!

Post by AJBryant » Wed 03.19.2008 3:53 am

Two more points:


When you write, please write with proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and syntax. In short, like a literate adult instead of a text-messaging chimpanzee.

Not everyone here is a native speaker of English, and it would help to make your posts as clear as possible. In addition, it shows a modicum of respect. If you don't respect us enough to take the time write like an educated adult, why should we take the time to respond to you?


If you think it would embarrass your grandma, don't put it here. That includes pictures and details about your date last night with that person you picked up in Roppongi.