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RE: Foreign Translator Career

Post by Chris Hart » Sat 02.16.2008 11:15 pm

Two-heads -
I think what you said applies across the whole government, including the civilian uniformed services. There's a lot of thankless work involved in getting in and out of disaster areas as well, and staying ready to go. Gotta check all the equipment (at least in Commo) before first in month, and maintain batteries for all of it year round. Only a few hours are allocated to all of Logistics (of which Commo is a part) each pay period, and it takes different people to properly maintain and test the trucks and LifePaks from the Commo gear. (You must know how to operate the sat phones to test them.) One phone takes half an hour to an hour to set up, aim, and configure, and needs to be tested monthly. It's much easier to operate that phone with 2-3 people, as the antenna needs to be attended almost constantly due to it's ultra-narow beam width.
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RE: Foreign Translator Career

Post by Salza600 » Tue 02.19.2008 11:24 pm

Oh ok I understand. As far as jobs go, what are THEE jobs in Japan? Like the most "honorable" jobs?

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RE: Foreign Translator Career

Post by arbalest71 » Wed 02.20.2008 1:19 am

Yudan Taiteki wrote:
I would ignore arbalest's snooty, condescending comments about college classes and the people who take them [EDIT: if you are set on mediocrity].
Fixed it for you.

REAL EDIT: I think it's important to find out what you can do. How far you can push yourself. University classes in the US seem, to me, designed to hold people back, or at least to hold the best people back. If you let your school's curriculum set your pace you will always run with the pack.

If you think that it's snooty or condescending to tell people that they can do a lot more than they are required to do in Uni, well... I happen to think that telling them that is likely help the few of them that need to be told that, the few hat can do more. In that sense, it is the opposite of condescending- I am assuming that they have real potential, or at least that they might.

Because, well- let's be honest about this. Your program fails to produce people competent to translate Japanese into English. Four years should be enough, but.. somehow you fail at it, almost every time. Why?

It's a lot easier to call me names than it is to look at the failures of your discipline. You'll note that while I've argued against some of the ideas you've put forth, I haven't called you names, like "snooty". I have a catalogue of them prepared, but I think I'll stop now.
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