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通訳のお仕事(Work Work Watching)

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通訳のお仕事(Work Work Watching)

Postby coco » Tue 02.12.2008 10:27 pm

AJBryant wrote:
Interpretation is a HELLA difficult job. I hate it. I've done it once or twice, and will NEVER do it again if I can help it -- and NEVER take a job in interpreting.

Work Work Watchingを観れば、通訳がいかに大変かわかります。
スジャータ洋子、最強! あのヤンキーは誰にも真似できません。
Vol 7「After Shooting」が特にお気に入り。 :D
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RE: 通訳のお仕事(Work Work Watching)

Postby Oracle » Tue 02.12.2008 10:46 pm

爆笑 Great find, Coco!
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RE: 通訳のお仕事(Work Work Watching)

Postby keatonatron » Wed 02.13.2008 1:59 am

These are hilarious if you can understand both the English and Japanese... And if you know what a yankee is.

Although I can never tell if Tom Thomas is giving me a thumbs up or the finger.
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RE: 通訳のお仕事(Work Work Watching)

Postby ss » Wed 02.13.2008 4:56 am

Some of my classmates find it very hard to pronounce Japanese's names too. :D
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