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Post by s0n9al » Wed 05.28.2008 9:35 pm

I'd be delighted to know what are the top (10) most favourite food that the japanese like :D Anyone has any clue?

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Re: tabemono

Post by becki_kanou » Wed 05.28.2008 11:35 pm

Well everyone has their own taste, so there is no definitive list, but we can tell you what we like.
Here's my top ten:

1) お好み焼き(okonomiyaki) A kind of cabbage pancake with thick savory sauce

2)カレーライス(curry rice) Japanese style curry (very different from Indian curry, but yummy)

3) オムライス (omu-raisu) an omelet made with ketchup-rice and finely chopped veggies

4) 寿司 (sushi) You probably know this one (my favorite is egg)

5) きつねうどん (kitsune-udon) Thick wheat noodles in broth with a slice of fried tofu

6)茄子の味噌田楽(nasu no miso dengaku) Grilled eggplant with fermented soybean paste

7)そうめん (soumen) Very thin noodles served in ice water with dipping sauce and wasabi

8) 煮物(nimono) Various vegetables boiled with soy sauce, sugar, and cooking sake

9)冷や奴 (hiyayakko) Cold tofu served with broth, grated ginger and scallions

10)漬け物 (tsukemono) Japanese pickles of all kinds I especially like mountain potato with perilla leaf

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