Help in planning a trip to Japan

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RE: Help in planning a trip to Japan

Post by Shibakoen » Thu 08.18.2005 12:33 pm

Unfortunately, the greatest train line in Japan (in my humble opinion) is the Tokyu Toyoko/Minato Mirai line. That thing is great. Straight shot from Shibuya to Motomachi. It hits Jiyugaoka, Yokohama, Hiyoshi, Queen's Square, Yamashita Park and Chinatown. Motomachi, Minatomirai, and Chukagai are all MUST SEE places in Yokohama. I mean before Sept. 11th, who would go to NYC without seeing the World Trade Center? That's like going to Yokohama and not seeing the tallest building in Japan. Many of the trains were new last year and really clean. Unfortunately, it's a separate company from JR so any JR pass won't help. Sorry, I used to live in Yokohama, so I'm a little biased.

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RE: Help in planning a trip to Japan

Post by Inexactitude » Tue 08.23.2005 12:40 am

Well, to go in another direction, does anybody know good places to see concerts? A friend of mine told me of a place called nakajuku (or something like that), but I don't know any others. I'm basically looking for metal or indie music. Thanks for the help.

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