Kyudai / Fukuoka

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Kyudai / Fukuoka

Post by JaySee » Sun 11.23.2008 8:27 am

Hey all,

Next year I'll very likely be going to Japan for ten months as a graduate student at Kyushu University (if I manage to get a scholarship). I've lived in Osaka for 1,5 years and of course did some traveling during that time, but unfortunately not to Fukuoka. I really wanted to go to Tokyo this time, so when I heard this wasn't going to happen I was pretty disappointed and couldn't help but feel that it was a "demotion" of some sorts (Kyudai is a fairly good university I heard, so that's not really the problem, I just always for some reason wanted to experience living in Tokyo for a while).

Anyway, since I've never been to Fukuoka I don't really know much about it or what it's like, apart from some things I've read on the internet. So my question to those who have been there is: what did you think of it, and how does it compare to other big cities in Japan like Osaka and Tokyo?

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