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Postby AaRoN » Sat 08.27.2005 1:43 pm

Does ne1 know the the guitarist or wat the band is called that does the music Final Fantasy 7. I play guitar and am going for grade 8 and many of my friends have asked me too learn some of the song's from the game to teach to them....Can ne1 tell who it is???
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Postby Supergrunch » Sat 08.27.2005 7:40 pm

I'm not sure who plays it, but Nobuo Uematsu (sp?) composes all the FF music.
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Postby shizuka » Sat 09.03.2005 7:05 pm

Just google "ff7 guitar tabs" or somthin like that. Give this link a try too

http://ultimate-guitar.com/search.php3? ... ation=tabs
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